Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

Before - during - after Essen

I am ready
Four exciting days of the fair came to an end and the success of Pandoria I owe you, who stormed the two demo tables, so that they were occupied all the time.
The "thursday explainers" awaits you
The opinions about the game were almost always positive to euphoric and the response was unbroken on Sunday.
The tables were always full
One of the most beautiful things about this fair are the meetings with old acquaintances, playmates and friends, some of whom are exclusively in Essen.

Pandoria crowded
Because almost everyone is here, who is rooted in the scene, I could also see my two illustrators, who are responsible for Pandoria: Lukas Siegmon and Christian Opperer.
Bernd + Lukas
On Saturday, Jeffrey Allers spent most of the day at the Irongames booth to enthusiastically explain the game and sign countless autographs.
Jeff + Bernd
Above all, I would like to thank my wonderful explainers, some of whom have been doing their best for years for Irongames and also you, who have given us this great experience - many thanks!
Sweets for my sweets

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